Vlad today received email from another of Anil Margin’s customer Michael Doll; he reviews his whole course and also narrates how badly Anil Margin treats anyone who reverse trades him publicly; makes him insecure and dares to question him.

Hey man. It’s funny I used to think your site was bogus, but lately have found out that it’s Anil that is a complete joke of a teacher/human being. I have some good screen shots of him attacking me for calling EURUSD a short while he was saying long for weeks as it kept dropping in his face. He attacked me in the webinar, the weekly outlook just this past time, and in the chat on slack. I am out right now, but I will send you his comments to me via the slack group later tonight or tomorrow. Would love everyone to see how this guy acts when you make money while he is losing it. He’s such a child, it’s rather pathetic. I have chosen to remove myself from his group (just this morning) as I never listened or followed him like the other sheep in his group anyway, and I have no time for a classless act like he has shown himself to be. Just thought I’d give you a shoutout and something to look forward to. Talk soon!

Ok so I spent a lot of time on this and it’s long, hopefully it’s not too long for your site..

“Where to even begin…I joined Anil’s group in May of 2019 after watching his webinars on Youtube like most people before me. What he spoke about seemed to make sense, and his overall confidence (later to be identified as pure arrogance) was something to behold in such a tough environment for most to make money. I have traded for years, successfully on and off, but always wanted to know more about EW so I took the $2,500 plunge.

The course is laid out in 6 weeks. Not sure why, as you only learn for 1 hour each day. The first week is a complete waste of time as Anil attempts to show you how to draw trend lines “correctly” and then follows the lesson up with “trend lines don’t mean anything”. He shows you how to use the Fib tool (like, really man?) and then of course says, we don’t really use fibs here though. At this moment I should have known, but I kept on moving forward. The second week you will learn the same patterns that you can find anywhere searching about EW corrections. He likes to blast a lot about what EW does, but then turns around and uses half of what they do. I guess that’s what unoriginal people do, plagiarize and tweak one thing to say it is his own finding. Again, I should have stopped wasting my time here and just gone to the free EW sites, at least I wouldn’t have to hear from Anil how obviously easy every trade he makes is, but I plodded along (fool me once…ya ya I know). The course finishes with some practice on these things, none of which Anil does in any of his webinars (but that’s because he’s better than the rest of us, at least so he will tell you, so he does not need these things to make his forecasts, yet we pay $2,500 to learn them…oooh lucky us!). The final couple weeks are a Q&A and then you’re off to be a great wave trader….

Anil posts a daily webinar to the group where he goes over every currency pair, indices and commodities. It is in this webinar that you first realize this guy does not have a clue and also the point at which you vomit in your mouth a little before swallowing it again. EVERY forecast that goes his way he deems as “obvious”. HE will say “Let me explain this for the 1002nd time, impulse-correction-impulse duhhhhh. If you’ve been around trading enough, you know damn well if someone makes it seem that easy, RUN AWAY! The MULTITUDE of trades (EURUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, GBPCAD and even his beloved SILVER) all had people in drawdowns of well in excess of 50-80% of their account if they had listened to him when he originally made the call. Yet in each succeeding webinar he just yells louder that it is the right trade and anyone making money on the opposite side of his trade will “lose their account”. MANY people in this group have lost their accounts, but not by going against Anil, it was rather by going with his call. The pure arrogance of the man blinds him. The sad part is that the analysis has a place in helping people to find overall direction, but it’s quickly lost in the fact that he has no idea how to actually trade it for profit. This man boasted about his 500k account 1 year ago, and how he’d double it in a year. Well it’s still at 500k, after massive drawdowns and silver finally coming back for him. Even the trades he booked for losses he calls winning trades because they finally came back. It’s like listening to a crazy person speak. Now if you’ve ever known a horrible gambling losing retail trader in your life, and I know many, what do they always say? “It came back, I knew it!” They never let go, and that is exactly what this guy does. He hasn’t made a dime since “showing his account” by any other means than selling courses. He tells struggling traders to back-test buying and selling flags, no matter what the trend, 1000 times. LMAO, you are charging $2,500 to teach breakout strategy on flags? That’s like the first free site off a google search on how to be negative in your trades immediately. But don’t worry, Anil always gets out for break even, suuuure buddy.

Luckily for me I could see through this guy pretty much right away when I started to see all the bad calls, starting with the Yen trade earlier this summer. I was the only one shorting USDJPY while everyone kept yelling that it had to go up! Well all it did was go down down down, LOL. I started to see that he never once ever admitted to making a bad call or a mistake (look through all his webinars yourself, you’ll never once hear him admit he was wrong..psychopathic type behavior). He would just change the forecast and claim he got out at break even while the rest of the traders are sitting in massive drawdowns. He loves to pat himself on the back for helping so much, and then turns around and chastises people for not sharing his content so he can sell more courses. I paid you $2,500 for nothing buddy, now you need me to market for you to rip more people off? Only a guy with this sized ego could make such a request and still look at himself in the mirror. I kept monitoring things until the final blowup just this past week…

If you’ve seen Anil’s account recently you see he’s down nearly 100k on 2 lots of EURUSD. Now imagine how far this thing has fallen in his face, and he just watches it continue to go and then puts up another webinar saying “It’s about to turn”. You can’t even make this stuff up. I had been posting that I was shorting the EURUSD because I was getting sick of hearing this guy say these things and watching people in the chat room post 5 figure losses because they were blindly following this man. He began to personally attack me in the webinars. “I’ve been reading the chat, and it is fantasy what is being said about shorting the Euro” (I was the only one at the time talking about shorting it). He didn’t even have the guts to say “hey nice trade on the short side” but when your ego is the size of China, that is probably difficult for you. Instead, he berated me. I again posted after last week that all the money had been made going short on the euro and he decided to take to the chat room to directly claim I had made all my statements in hindsight and that if I didn’t show my account that I must be lying. What’s interesting is when everyone says they made money going his way he doesn’t ask for screenshots from anyone, but I digress. In the Weekly outlook for this week at the beginning he is talking about me, “these traders who say they shorted the euro, prove it, show me…keep trading like that and you’ll lose your account…blah blah blah”. The guy is an absolute child and you will see from the screenshots I took from the room that I not only showed him the trades I made but also removed myself from his worthless group of sheep.

Anil Margin’s buying EURUSD because he KNOWS

The last thing I said to the entire group was this “Goodluck everyone, do your OWN analysis, and you will be fine”. If you are following someone who can’t even admit one time being wrong, and they claim to be a successful trader, who hasn’t made a dime in over a year trading, well you probably deserve to lose whatever you invest in him. For me, the fact that I made so much money against some of his loudest calls makes the $2,500 investment worth every penny. Tread wisely my friends. As always, happy trading everyone!”

Let me know how else I can help. This guy is a complete waste of space. Thanks for sharing this Vlad. You’ll even see in convo1 that Ernesto says “hopefully we get back to BE for our drawdowns..” I feel bad for anyone new who thinks that following him will make them money, they are about to learn a real rough lesson!

Michael D.

Convo 1
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